Saturday, November 08, 2014

I can do that!

So I applied for a graphic design job the other day (still waiting to hear back) but it was interesting for one very big reason.

I know how to do everything they wanted!

They actually want a graphic artist. Not a coder who might do some design on the side. Not a social media expert who knows how to edit photos. An ACTUAL graphic artist. Ads, Flyers, Catalogs, etc. 

I can do that!

Either way, it's nice to know those jobs still exist.

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Channeling my inner Fox Mulder.

We've all seen things we can't explain.

For me, it was several years ago. I was driving home from a late movie on a dark, overcast night and a lonely road. I don't know if you've ever been to Vermont but there aren't a lot of city lights. At night it's dark, very, very dark.

I came to a slow stop at a four way intersection and before I could hit the gas again a huge dark figure swooped across the hood of my car. I craned my neck to see if I could get a clearer look at whatever it was. What I saw was a large black shadow against the darkened sky. To me it looked like the shadow of a giant sting-ray.

It lumbered in the air. Floating more than flying, turned back towards me and I lost sight of it as it again went over the car roof. It was gone. The whole encounter was less than 30 seconds. I still have no idea what it was. It looked larger and moved slower than any bird I'd ever seen. I told myself it must have been a flock of something that appeared in the night to be a single creature? Yeah, that sounds reasonable, let's go with that.

We've all seen things in the corners of our sight. Turning only to see nothing there. Most likely an active imagination making creative leaps of faith. Or maybe it's not. Maybe there are things we see only when we're not looking.

I've taken my interest in the unknown and used my design skills to create a series of posters. The Mythical Alphabet and Cryptozoology. Please take a moment to check out this personal poster project.

Thanks very much!