Wednesday, August 07, 2013

SDCC 2013 re-cap.

Hard to believe it's only been two weeks since Comic-con ended. While you're there it's all encompassing. Renewing friendships, making new friends, seeing new and amazing things. It's basically summer camp for 120,000 geeks.

The table move to an outside corner of Small Press Alley has put my artwork in front of a lot more people. That's been good for sales but not so good for getting out and exploring (which I'm fine with, it's an expensive show to do!).

The newest posters seem to do well. Genesis 101 was a surprise hit with fans and I think I might have reached the limit of what I can reasonably display on a 6 foot table. I might take a step back and only do 4 or 5 new prints for next year and not the 9 or more I've done each of the last two years. Give some recent posters a chance to rise to the surface.

Oh, 3 of my scratchboard illustrations made it into the souvenir book this year... so that happened!

This was the second year I drove cross country from Vermont to San Diego and back. As awesome as it is, that's a long time on the road. I made sure to see the Grand Canyon and Metropolis Il. this year, completing two more Geek bucket list locals.

So, great fun as always and I'll definitely be back again next year. Hopefully I can get out from behind my table for a bit and see what ll the fuss is about! ;)