Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Fast Company has a new article about my Letters by the Number project.

If you can click through and share the link, that'd be very cool of you. Thanks!!

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Letters by the Number is LIVE!

Launched! The Letters by the Number project is now live and running on Kickstarter. I'm really happy with how the card and poster designs have come out. 

It's an alphabet card set where each design is based on that letters placement in the alphabet so 1A, 2Bs, 3Cs and so on to 26Zs.

Take a look, hope you like it and share.


Starting Scratchboard.

I played around with scratchboard a bit in art school but it wasn't until after I had graduated that I really took an interest in it. Among the first things I did in scratchboard were the Mr.Oblivious comic strips. There are certainly artists out there that use scratchboard as an elegant medium of great detail but I prefer to use it more like a chisel against stone. If things don't turn out exactly how intended all the better. 

When I would draw with pencil and paper it's was hard to not see all the flaws and compare myself with every other comic artist out there. With scratchboard, it's ALL flaws. It's never what I think I want and I'm forced to let all that other stuff go. 

I've taken a bit of a break from Mr.O lately but someday I'll get back to it. In the meantime, ALL 3 of my scratchboard Mr.Oblivious comic books for the Kindle on Amazon are now FREE through this FRIDAY. Behind the scenes sketches and comments for each cartoon. Check it out. Thanks!

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Running the Numbers.

As of this morning I've dropped off the last poster tubes to my local post office. Except for a few stragglers (waiting for a few addresses) and any potential clean-up, my first successful Kickstarter, One to One Hundred, is basically complete. Just over 200 tubes shipped in about a week.

And I have to say I'm quite pleased with how it turned out.

Starting with a goal of $3000, I grew at a steady pace (about 3-7% a day), with a healthy spike on the last day (the day this Fast Company article was released). I ended the 30 day campaign at over 250% of my goal.

I relied quite a bit on my personal social network to get the word out. Although essential for getting attention early on and as grateful as I am to everyone who shared the links and put up with my constant reminding them to don't forget to share the links, have you shared the links today? Why aren't you sharing the links?, that was small compared to a single article on a large, popular blog. 

A few facts.

- For rewards, I had given everyone the option to receive 1, 2 or all 3 posters. To my surprise, just over half went with all 3. 

- Most were either 1 or all posters. Very few went with just the 2 out of 3. So few in fact, I doubt I'll include that again in my next campaign. 

- I averaged about 7 new backers a day. Again, with a big spike at the end.

- I had 3 stretch goals. For each goal reached I would print and ship an additional poster to everyone. I reached the first stretch goal so everyone who pledged for at least 1 poster got the free extra one. Again, I think if the Fast Company article had come out a few days earlier or if I had a couple more days at the end I would definitely have reached at least 2 stretch goals.

- About 20% of the orders were outside the U.S. with Australia, Germany, Great Britain and the Netherlands being most popular of international orders. 

- I got tubes from Uline. I went with 3" tubes (thinking I wanted to cut down on the posters "curl factor") but I think longer 2" tubes might have been a better choice. 

- I used for buying and printing shipping labels. No particular reason, there are several sites that can do the same thing but they advertise on a podcast I like so... there you go. 

- The difference between 13 ounces and 14 ounces on domestic package shipping can be about $2. Out of sheer dumb luck, 4 posters, a tube and packing material came in at just under 13 ounces. 

- I'm super glad I had my Etsy shop set up to take post-campaign orders. 

- I had about a 2% drop rate. Meaning, people that pledged, came back before the campaign ended and un-pledged. Not sure why but that doesn't sound like a terribly bad % to me. 

So what does all this mean?

I think it means I chose correctly for my first poster campaign. People seemed to like the concept and it garnered a bit of attention within and outside the Kickstarter site. There is no way I could have printed 18x24 posters without crowdfunding and for that I'm thankful to everyone who supported this project. 

I'll have wait and see how this translates to my next Kickstarter.

Stay Tuned!


Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Check out my new Kickstarter project!

One to One Hundred started out as an experiment in graphic design, it became something much more to me. The idea was simple, to combine graphic design and numbers to create something unique. It was a LOT of counting (so much counting!), but a lot of fun too! Many of these designs are not anything I would have come up with if not for this project and it has really expanded my understanding of graphic design. 

Please check it out and if you like it I'd love your support. Thank you!


Wednesday, August 07, 2013

SDCC 2013 re-cap.

Hard to believe it's only been two weeks since Comic-con ended. While you're there it's all encompassing. Renewing friendships, making new friends, seeing new and amazing things. It's basically summer camp for 120,000 geeks.

The table move to an outside corner of Small Press Alley has put my artwork in front of a lot more people. That's been good for sales but not so good for getting out and exploring (which I'm fine with, it's an expensive show to do!).

The newest posters seem to do well. Genesis 101 was a surprise hit with fans and I think I might have reached the limit of what I can reasonably display on a 6 foot table. I might take a step back and only do 4 or 5 new prints for next year and not the 9 or more I've done each of the last two years. Give some recent posters a chance to rise to the surface.

Oh, 3 of my scratchboard illustrations made it into the souvenir book this year... so that happened!

This was the second year I drove cross country from Vermont to San Diego and back. As awesome as it is, that's a long time on the road. I made sure to see the Grand Canyon and Metropolis Il. this year, completing two more Geek bucket list locals.

So, great fun as always and I'll definitely be back again next year. Hopefully I can get out from behind my table for a bit and see what ll the fuss is about! ;)


Sunday, June 02, 2013

Just a geek at Surtex.

It's now been roughly two weeks since I exhibited at Surtex for the first time. While it's impossible to say what the long term results will be I am fairly optimistic given the feedback I received. I heard words like unique, cool and different. All good words, time will tell.

This was my first show where I was selling me as much as my art. Not always something I've been very comfortable with but after 10 years of exhibiting at comic-cons around the country I've gotten better. Although at cons I'm selling actual product the principle is the same. I explain what I love about design. How I learn news things every time I create something new. I don't talk about how great the art is (or isn't) or the mistakes I made with it along the way. Show your enthusiasm, keep positive, ask your own questions and listen.

Smiling doesn't hurt either.

I learned a lot from this first Surtex I'll use to make the next one even better. Things like... when in doubt, use more tape.

Exhibiting on my own I didn't get the chance to wander as much as I would have liked to but I did stretch my legs a little. So many really great artists and art represented, I look forward to reconnecting again next year!


Sunday, September 16, 2012

One Year Vibe

So I'm finally settling in again in Vermont. Got an apartment, got a chair, got a lot of comic boxes to make other things out of like a coffee table and tv stand. Not really going for the whole "grown up" space this time around. This isn't a permanent stop. It's a decent apartment, not great, just decent. Definitely getting a transitory vibe though from this place. Just a year I think. Then... somewhere else... again. Most likely still in Vermont. Before I bought the condo I sold this year I moved every year for 3 or 4 years, maybe I'll do that again. After all my travels this year it's nice to have a place of my own again. ...ask me again after it snows.