Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Movie and a Poster #3: Darkest Hour

Movie and a Poster continues with #3... Darkest Hour.

I feel like making a movie about real life war is kind of cheating. You start on second base because it represents authentic life or death decisions of history. The drama is built into the reality of it. That said, Gary Oldman was amazing.

There's something about British historical films that read more "real" to me in movies (and tv for that matter). Maybe because I'm more familiar with US history and I see the stagecraft more on film? Not sure. There's not a single moment in this movie that feels like actors on a sound stage. The film is just a couple shades off black and white which also adds to it's believability somehow.

I know it's really, really early in the new year to talk about next years Oscars but if Gary Oldman doesn't get a nomination next year for his Winston Churchill there is no justice in the world. He completely disappears into the role.

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