Tuesday, October 28, 2014

You know what you should do.

I hear this at least a dozen times at every convention.

I even say it myself to others all the time. I hate that I say it but before I can even think it pops out.

"You know what you should do."

I think it's basic human instinct when confronted with an image (or anything for that matter) we immediately imagine how we would've done it differently. Better at least in our own minds. It's a reflex that's probably served us well in the past.

"You know what you should do."

It's never meant to be mean. People just genuinely want to offer their help but what it's basically saying is "I don't like this because..." Which, I've also been told at conventions. Trust me, if something I've done isn't as good as other things I've done, I know. I spent hours on hours staring at it. Working on it. Maybe give everyone the benefit of doubt that this is how they wanted it.

So I'm going to try and stop saying it. 

I'll fail. 

Sorry about that. 

PS- Side note: There's something about standing behind a table that makes people think I can't hear them. Like maybe there's an invisible "cone of silence" force field that prevents me from understanding what they're saying. I've heard conversations about how awful my work is and why they'd never buy it to how much of a hurry they're in to get to that place with the guy who's so much better than me. Why did you stop at my table then?

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