Friday, October 24, 2014

The New Herd Immunity.

I think I want my smart phone to be dumb again.

There are many legitimate reasons to have a smart phone but I don't think most of them apply to me anymore.

I work from home so there's no reason for it there. I don't go out all that often and when I do, all my friends have their own smart phones. Other than to solve trivia questions (granted, not a minor benefit!) I can't remember the last time I really "needed" it when I was out.

It's a new herd immunity. Now that everyone's got one, I can safely go back to blissful ignorance. I'm the vaccine denier of mobile tech! As long as we don't ALL decide to ditch the smart phones I can walk among you. Confident in my dumbness and assured that I'm never more than an arms reach away from IMDB or the latest trending tweet.

Too bad I just upgraded. Maybe next time!

- Mark

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